Custom Orders at The Ashdown Workshop Co.

On this page you can submit an order for a custom product. Currently we are only offering this service on our Paracord items, which includes our Paracord Keyclip, Paracord Keyclip Mini and Paracord Shackle Bracelets. On this page you will find an up to date range of all available paracord colours and a simple form with which to submit your custom order.

Available colour options.

We currently keep 20 different colour variations of paracord in stock, which gives you a massive selection to choose from. Below you will find our colour block which displays all of our colour options. These colours can be applied to any of our paracord items as they all use our standard 550 Military spec paracord. (Hover over colours to display colour name).

How to order.

Ordering the Paracord Keyclip - £15.00 and Paracord Keyclip Mini - £12.50
These two items are made using 9 foot or 5 foot of 550 paracord respectively. We can make the keyclips from one solid colour (in which case please just fill in the PRIMARY/INNER COLOUR field and leave OUTER COLOUR blank) or use two different colours of paracord which will make up an inner weave and outer weave. If you require two seperate colours, be sure to fill in both MAIN/INNER COLOUR and SECONDARY/OUTER COLOUR fields.

Ordering the Paracord Shackle Bracelet - £15.00
This item is made using one colour of 550 paracord only. When completing the order form for this item, please only select the PRIMARY/INNER COLOUR field and leave the SECONDARY/OUTER COLOUR option blank.

Paracord Shackle Bracelet Sizing
Measure the circumference around the smallest part of your wrist and then use our size chart to work out what bracelet will be best. Our bracelets are adjustable which is why we give you a length range.

SMALL: 17.5cm - 19cm
MEDIUM: 19cm - 20.5cm
LARGE: 20.5cm - 22cm
XLARGE: 22cm - 23.5cm

Processing your order.

Once you have completed the order form, all of your details will be emailed to us. We dispatch all custom orders within 3 business days. Please note that no refunds or exchanges can be given on custom orders. Please ensure that you select the correct country from the shipping charge drop down, any additional shipping charges (following incorrect country selection) will be requested through PayPal.

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Payment at The Ashdown Workshop Co.